City Cuts Ribbon on Business Financed with Micro-Loan Program

(March 1, 2012)- City officials were present at a ribbon cutting ceremony last night at Sofrito Gastro Pub on Douglass Street in Reading. Present at the ceremony were Mayor Vaughn Spencer, City Council President Francis Acosta, and Councilwoman Marcia Goodman-Hinnershitz. They helped owner Hector J. Ruiz cut the ribbon on his business, the former Tommy’s Café & Cabana Bar, for which he was the chef and took ownership of on May 31st of last year. “Anytime we can recognize a new business in the City, especially one that was helped with the Micro-Loan program, is great for Reading. This is the type of investment we’re trying to create, and this is the help we can give someone willing to make that investment,” said Mayor Vaughn Spencer.

“We wanted to have a ribbon cutting sometime early in the year just to remind people about the Micro-Loan program,” explained Yohalna Jimenez, who runs the Micro-Loan program for the City’s Community Development Department. “We want to encourage businesspeople who are interested in the program to call our office and apply for the loan,” she continued. We have more of these ceremonies planned, but we want to be able to do one every week.”

Ruiz received $35,000 from the city which he used to get his business up and running. The Micro-Loan program is available to low and moderate income persons wishing to start a business or businesses located in, or wishing to locate in, low and moderate income areas of the City of Reading.

Contact: Yohalna Jimenez Community Development Department/ City of Reading (610) 655-6211

Michael Dee Special Assistant to the Mayor for Media and Communications City of Reading (610) 655-6304 / (484) 772-6072 (cell)